Is it possible to be playing with euro in the UK casinos?

The surprising answer to your question is… Yes it is!

Let the show begin

So, it’s time to try your luck at a casino. There are plenty of them available all over the UK, so take your pick: fancy suit and black tie? Flip-flops and shorts (Yes, there are sunny days in Britain, too…!)? Serious, glamorous, relaxed, easy going, modern, classical? You will find all sorts of them, probably very close to you.

After you chose your venue, you may want to give the place a good look, acquaint yourself with the lay of the land, so to say. There will be a few inviting bars, perhaps some gig going on, and all those slot machines and tables waiting to give away winning prizes!

Now you realise you still have all those euros left from your last visit to mainland Europe. Or perhaps you are from abroad and are just spending some time this side of the channel and haven’t yet bothered to get yourself more pounds than needed for tipping the waiters at breakfast. After all, your credit card works pretty much anywhere, right?

Choice of euro bills

No problem, mate!

Well, worry not! In the overwhelming majority of casinos, you will find out you can be playing with euro in the UK! How so, you may ask? Typically, you should approach the cash desk of the casino you are just visiting and use your euros to buy pounds. The exchange rate may not be incredibly good, but you will be able to exchange them back, after you’ve played, at precisely the same rate. So for once, don’t throw away the receipt, because you will only be able to get back up to the amount you traded in to start with.

Some (very few) casinos will allow you to change euros at the table games as well. And if you intend to play with considerable amounts of money, the casino will probably offer you the opportunity to use your euros to open a credit line, which you can then make use of on the gaming floor.

Using euro to play in casinos around the United Kingdom

Casinos around Britain normally accommodate for a host of different currencies to be used whilst gambling in their facilities, specially euro

choice of euro bills